OVERDRIVE Safety Squat Barbell - SSB
OVERDRIVE Safety Squat Barbell - SSB

OVERDRIVE Safety Squat Barbell - SSB



The Overdrive safety squat barbell (SSB) or yoke bar gives you the power and mobility to focus on your quad and posterior chain development without limitations due to shoulder discomfort. It works by giving your arms a more neutral holding position compared to the external rotation of the shoulders in a traditional back squat. This relieves all pressure on the shoulders, elbows and wrist when lifting allowing you to lift heavier and train harder without compromise. 

The Overdrive safety squat bar also activates more muscle groups leading to incredible strength and muscle gains. The SSB generally sits higher on the back and has a built in camber that places the weights slightly forward than a typical straight olympic barbell. This forces your body into a more upright squatting position as it naturally resists the pull of the camber and requires more core and upper back stability. This slight variation in lifting position can stimulate untapped muscle growth of the upper back, core, quads and posterior chain and can take your squat sessions to new heights.

If you got a pre-exisiting shoulder injury, want to add some variation to your workouts or looking to bust through your weightlifting plateau, then the Overdrive safety squat bar maybe something worth considering. 



  • *Ribbed handles - better grip
  • *Leather shoulder padding - durable and longer lasting comfort
  • *30mm powder coated shaft - reduces the amount of whip



  • *Relieve stress on shoulder, elbow and wrist joints - Great for those with pre-existing shoulder injury. 
  • *Shoulder padding - Less pressure on the neck and shoulders 
  • *Give your shoulders a break without limiting your squat potential - Heavy chest and shoulder workouts can be taxing on the shoulders and the SSB will allow you to progressively overload your squat allowing your shoulders to recover.
  • *Variation to your quad and posterior chain training - The SSB is not limited to the squat. You can also perform lunges, good mornings, zercher squats etc.
  • *Hit your upper back, core, glutes and posterior chain in a different way - Any slight variation in your lift may be the breakthrough you need to break your plateau  



  • *Load capacity: 700lbs
  • *Bar weight: 22kg
  • *Shaft Diameter: 30mm
  • *Overall length: 2.2m
  • *Handle is offset to the angle of the camber by 22 degrees
  • *Distance between shoulder pads: 250mm
  • *Distance between handles: 300mm
  • *Loadable sleeve length: 320mm
  • *Sleeve diameter: 50mm (standard Olympic weight plates)

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