Overdrive Monolift Attachment for Mach Series and Commercial Light power rack

Overdrive Monolift Attachment for Mach Series and Commercial Light power rack

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The Overdrive monolift attachment is a great cost effective monolift solution for your Mach Rack or Overdrive commercial light rack. It is built to reduce unnecessary energy wasted when un-racking the barbell allowing for a more efficient and safe lift. The way it works is through the counter balance built into the monolift arm that basically swings back towards the power rack as the barbell is un-racked, giving the lifter enough space to perform the lift in a stable and controlled position. Although only a simple adjustment, it can be extremely useful when performing your bench and squats and can work wonders in progressing your training.

With the Overdrive monolift arms, you can now get right under the barbell to set for your bench press. Simply lift the barbell off the monolift arm and you’re immediately in position to perform the bench press. (The monolift arms will automatically swing away) Gone are the days of reaching behind the head for the barbell during benches. 

The Overdrive monolift attachment will also benefit your squats as it eliminates the need to walk your barbell out and away from your hooks. With the monolift arms, you are now able to perform your squat as soon as the barbell is unracked eliminating unnecessary energy wasted and risk involved with taking steps while carrying heavy loads. 

Elevate the way you train with the monolift arms and get a better overall lifting experience. It will take your training to the next level and give you the confidence you need to progress your bench, squats etc and ultimately lift some serious weight.

The Overdrive monolift arms mount onto your power rack like traditional J-hooks. Simply insert a monolift arm via the pin at a 90 degree angle into the desired hole and rotate it down to secure it into place. 


Specifications: (Per monolift arm)

  • *Fits 60x60mm tube size with 5/8inch holes
  • *Weight: 11.8kg
  • *Max load: 200kg

*Compatible rack: Mach Series Rack, Commercial Light power rack


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