Overdrive Sports Commercial Light Power Rack Front view 1
Overdrive Sports Commercial Light Power Rack Front view 2
Overdrive Sports Commercial Light Power Rack Side view 1
Overdrive Sports Commercial Light Power Rack Side view 1

[PREORDER ETA 10th May] OVERDRIVE Commercial Light Power Rack

The bare minimum you'll ever need for some serious lifting.
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The OVERDRIVE commercial light power rack is the ultimate power rack built to give even the most seasoned athletes a solid platform to progress their training and achieve their lifting goals. Rated at 400kg and built using robust 60x60mm 2mm powder coated steel, this power rack will withstand the toughest workouts and give you plenty of room to grow. Train alone with confidence and push yourself into OVERDRIVE each and every time. 

Instead of opting for more steel, the Overdrive commercial light power rack comes out of the box, standard with premium upgrades. This includes sandwich J hooks, roller cups and safety straps. Simple awesome upgrades we believe will improve the power racks overall functionality while giving you a better overall lifting experience. Other bonus features include westside hole spacing, multi grip pull up bar and the inclusion of 4 band pegs. Start your workouts right away with the upgrades you know you want.

The Overdrive commercial light power rack also offers an array of attachments to let you create a more personalised power rack to suit your lifting style. The option to add further attachments makes an already functional power rack even more versatile. Current available attachments include a lat-pulldown attachment, landmine attachment, monolift arms, power lever jammer arms, dip horn bars, spotter arms.

The OVERDRIVE commercial light power rack is a solid all-rounder power rack and made for those who are serious about building strength, power and muscles. The power rack strikes a great balance between features offered and materials used and unless you’re after a power rack for a commercial environment, the Overdrive commercial light power rack is the bare minimum you’ll ever need for some serious lifting at home.


  • Shipping Weight: 99kg
  • Tube size: 60x60mm x 2mm
  • Hole diameter: 15.875mm 
  • Dimension: 122cm(w) x 159cm(d) x 215cm(h)
  • Dimension: (interior workout footprint) : 108cm(w) x 100cm(d)
  • Capacity: Sandwich J Cups - 400kg, Safety straps - 400kg dropped  Roller J Cups - 320kg 
  • Warranty: 5 years on structural welds and frame.
  • Pair of Sandwich J-cups - Sandwich J cups are lined with UHMW all around and ensures your barbell is protected even when you catch the J-cups from underneath
  • Pair of Roller Cups - Roller cups allow you to reposition the bar effortlessly each time you prepare for a lift. This works wonders as your lifting weight increases as there is no wasted energy on setting the barbell.
  • Multi-grip pull up bar - Our skinny and fat/axle multi-grip pull up bar features 2 neutral grip positioned handles as well as a 1.25inch standard bar and 2 inch fat/axel. Get more variety on your pull ups while improving your grip strength. The pull up is an exercise that will develop serious strength and muscle. Alternatively use it as an anchor for suspension straps or resistance bands.
  • Safety straps - Safety straps are a great upgrade over traditional safety pin pipes or UHMW lined cross bars. They will absorb the shock of a falling barbell much better and reduce the amount of bounce. This adds another layer of safety while also saving your barbell. (No more clanging of metal on metal) Another great way to utilise the safety strap is to set one side higher than the other to allow the barbell to roll away when the safety strap catches the barbell. When combined with westside hole spacing, you can be sure to accurately optimise your full range of motion while training in a safe environment.
  • Ideal height - This power rack is built for the home or garage gym. With Australia’s standard ceiling height set at 2.4m, this power rack will leave you enough head room to perform a pull up without putting your head through the ceiling. 
  • Westside spacing - Precision positioning of J cups and safety strap for the perfect range of motion during lifts. 
  • 4 band pegs - Adds another dimension to your workouts. Use resistance bands to add resistance to the end part of the rep and accelerate eccentric contraction. 
  • Durable matt black powder coat with laser cut numbers every 5 holes.

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